Bathroom Remodeling Projects That You Can Easily Complete In A Day

If you like the idea of remodeling your bathroom but you don't favor the thought of having this space torn up for weeks on end, it's worthwhile to consider the various small projects that you can complete in a day — and that will help to improve the bathroom's appearance and functionality. While larger remodeling projects should be left to a contractor, the average homeowner can do a wide range of simple projects that will be cleaned up by dinnertime. [Read More]

3 Great Ideas That Will Help You Make The Most Of The Space In Your Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, here are three great ideas that will make your bathroom feel a little bit large and will allow you to use the space more effectively. #1 Don't Put In A Shower Door Putting a door on your shower can really break up the space in your bathroom, which is great in a large bathroom, but in a small bathroom, it just really closes off an entire area of your bathroom. [Read More]

Common Roofing Questions About Ice Dams Answered

The roof of your home will be subjected to extreme conditions during the winter months. Unfortunately, it can be a common problem for homeowners to be fairly uninformed about the wintertime risks that can strike roofs. In particular, ice dams can be among the more common roofing problems that can arise during the winter months. If you have a limited understanding about this type of roof threat, you may benefit from learning these two questions and answers. [Read More]

Bought New Carpet? Now Is Not The Time For A Do-It-Yourself Project, Hire Professional Installers

As you are strolling through the carpet store looking at prices, do not forget to add in the cost of having it professionally installed. Look around for a sign that tells how much installation is and add it to the cost of the carpet. When you spend money on new carpeting for a room is not the time to be a do-it-yourselfer. Here are a few reasons why you should always hire professional carpet installers for your new carpet. [Read More]