"Don't Cry For Me, Pizzeria": If You Want A Home Pizza Parlor, Tell Your Contractor To Go For It

Experts and friends may advise you to hold back on creating your own pizzeria. They may say that permanently personalizing your kitchen to such a degree may lower the resale value of your home. If you plan on living in your house and using your kitchen for many years to come, this advice should fly out the window. Build your dream pizza parlor at home with these kitchen projects: A hot oven. [Read More]

Don't Start Your Bathroom Remodeling Job Without Considering These Three Areas

Whether you're starting to think about selling your home or are just anxious to beautify each room for your own enjoyment, it's hard to go wrong with remodeling the bathroom. Giving this room a makeover is one of the smartest investments you can make in a home; it's customary for a bathroom remodeling to bring in at least 100 percent of the expense of the project when you sell your home. [Read More]

The Feng Shui Of Home Additions

If you're considering adding onto your home, be aware that you will also be adding onto the feng shui environment of the home. This can be good -- even great -- if you plan it correctly. Feng shui has phenomena called missing areas and extensions, and a properly placed addition can make the most of those. Here's a look at how adding onto your home can help you, and what you need to do to make that addition sparkle energetically. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Laminate Kitchen Floors

Hardwood flooring can revive the look of your kitchen. Hardwood is a very stylish flooring material, but it needs to be meticulously maintained in order to withstand the moisture and heavy foot traffic of a kitchen. If you do not want to deal with keeping up real hardwood, you should consider laminate floors with wood prints. These look very similar to the real thing, but require much less maintenance. This article explains why laminate floors are ideal for kitchen floors! [Read More]